Our History

During 1878,  a farmer in Cann Hall Lane encouraged  his workers to meet in the Barn on Tuesday evenings, for non-conformist worship.  The barn was fitted with rough planks, supported by onion and potato baskets for seating on the earthen
floor. The meeting flourished and soon his workers were also meeting on Sundays, becoming known as the Christian Band.  

From this humble beginning a Christian Community grew.   Soon they were buying land, and building their own Church, which in June1887 became officially known  as Cann Hall Baptist Church.  In the years that followed, one group split
away to  become Harrow Green Baptist Church, and for many years they worked together, side by side.  In 1976, they merged with its members joining once more to become  Cann Hall and Harrow Green Baptist Church.  The local population has changed as well as the area around the church, the farm land is long gone and is now covered with rows of Victorian houses. 

For over 120 years our church has celeberated the festivals of Easter, Harvest and Christmas; received visits from the local Mayor and always welcomed people from the local community to bring their babies for Blessing, couples for Wedding and
families for Funeral. Today, we still offer our local community the opportunities for Christian worship, support, fellowship and friendship.

In the name of Christ, we are here for you.